Thinking Partner

Once you become a Mission Financial Planning client, we act as your guide, helping you think through, implement and monitor your plan. We advise, educate and coach, enabling you in pursuit of your goals.

Do you have a decision to think through? Not sure how to handle a financial move? Wonder if you can afford this next life purchase?

We are experienced and know our clients and their finances well enough to help them make the good decisions.

How do we get to know you?

The process for working with us starts with an exploratory phone call. Are we a good fit? If so, we’ll collect information to help us build a model of your finances. Then we’ll meet (your first annual retreat) to review all the information, discuss any gaps, dream about what could be, strategize for moving forward, and develop a game plan. We will present findings and recommendations to you in a relaxed, interactive session, and follow up with reports and a written summary of the meeting.

Then we schedule times to touch base throughout the year, in person, by phone, or Zoom when it’s beneficial.

We are always available to clients on an as-needed basis when decisions come up, circumstances change, or questions arise.

We answer the big questions:

  • How am I doing, financially?
  • Am I on track?
  • When Can I Retire?
  • What’s the best way to buy this?

Our passion is educating and coaching clients, making a difference in their lives by helping them define or discover their financial mission and showing them how to accomplish it then keeping them focused as they reach their goals.

Feel free to give us a call, or schedule a time to talk.