Becoming A Client

Many of our clients come to us after first working with another financial planning firm.
Clients make the move for various reasons:

  • To work with an independent and unbiased fee-only firm
  • To gain a greater level of expertise, competency and advice
  • In order to receive specific financial advice for dentists
  • To experience a more personal, targeted approach to their particular needs.

What is compelling you to address financial planning now? What are your concerns, and What do you hope for?

If you have never worked with a comprehensive advice-only financial planner before, you may be surprised to note there is no sales pitch. We’re not compensated by selling products or gathering assets, so our conversations are focused on strategies, not products, and our focus is on you.

We ask for varied information concerning all aspects of your financial life, compiling and analyzing where you currently are. Through in-depth annual meetings and quarterly “check ups”, we assure that you are always moving forward and always effectively working toward your goals.

We can work in conjunction with your current accountant, attorney, money managers and other professional service providers or will recommend competitive, capable and proven alternatives. We help coordinate those relationships to optimize the “moving parts” of your financial life.

When clients come to us from another financial planning relationship, we strive to make the move as seamless as possible. We will review your information, recommend and oversee any prospective changes that might need to be implemented immediately, then work to maintain your financial “routine”, even trying to keep the same quarterly call and annual meeting dates.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss moving to Mission Financial Planning, Inc.