Just Getting Started

Financial planning is important when you’re just getting started.

Financial planning is important when you’re just getting started.

You may have significant student debt; the management of debt is as important as managing assets in achieving your financial goals. We want your debt gone too, but we typically recommend financial multi-tasking so debt isn’t the only thing you’re accomplishing for the foreseeable future.

You may be practicing as an associate; there are tax advantages available to you as a 1099 contractor. We’ll help you identify tax breaks for the self-employed.

You may be looking to buy in; we’ll help you approach buying in with confidence. Know that your personal finances are in order and how much of the practice you should buy and how quickly, so the burden of practice debt isn’t overwhelming.

You may be shopping for a practice of your own; we’ll make sure you’re financially ready, understand the tax implications of the purchase, and help you hit the ground running once you’re the owner. Download our 6 Tips for New Practice Owners for a preview of what you’ll need to know.

This may be the life stage of buying cars and houses and having kids. All of these come with financial questions and to-dos. We will be there with answers and recommendations.

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