We're your financial<br/> advisor and<br/> thinking partner.&#160;

We're your financial
advisor and
thinking partner. 

Together, we will build a virtual model of your finances, and have a clear picture of where you stand. When it is time for a decision, we will create a what-if model so we can look at the numbers and talk through implications.

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We are experienced<br/> in helping people in<br/> your situation.

We are experienced
in helping people in
your situation.

Sharon Weaver has been a Certified Financial Planner for over 25 years. She founded Mission Financial Planning, Inc. and has developed a specialty in advising dentists and their families. We have worked with clients in 40 states.

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We&#8217;re advice-only<br/> fee-only<br/>&#160;fiduciaries.

We’re advice-only

We’re in the business of advising, not gathering assets. You don’t have to move your money (we can help you move somewhere better if that’s what you need). Our comprehensive planning covers all aspects of your financial life.

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We work with dentists who are just starting out,
established in their practice,  
and those deciding to sell their practice.

New Dentist<br/>Just Getting Started

New Dentist
Just Getting Started

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&#160;Established<br/> Practice Owner

Practice Owner

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Figuring out <br/>How To Retire

Figuring out
How To Retire

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We would love to have a conversation about what you’re doing now, and whether Mission Financial Planning might be a good fit for you.

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