Bonds 101

The following is a primer to help readers better understand their investments. Mission Financial Planning coordinates with clients' money managers as part of a comprehensive advice-only approach. 

Managing Cash Flow in a Dental Practice

Managing cash flow is key to being a financially healthy business.  Most dentists know their monthly cash flows, with a keen awareness of when payroll, credit cards, rent, labs and the other big bills are due each month.  But managing cash flow is not just about increasing next month’s production or reducing expenses.

List of Retirement Milestones - PDF Download

Retirement MilestonesThere are many milestones on the way to – and through – retirement.  Starting at age 50 with the opportunity to make additional catch-up contributions to IRAs and

Year End Financial Checklist

It's the time of year to be thinking about year-end deadlines.  Here’s a quick checklist – not all-inclusive, but hopefully helpful:

Does the 4% Rule Apply to Early Retirement?

If the 4% withdrawal rule was created with a 65 year old in mind, what happens when you want to retire earlier?  How much would an early retiree have to reduce their withdrawal rate to accommodate a longer retirement?  Research has been done that suggests that you don’t have to reduce the 4% withdrawal rate too dramatically, even for very young retirees.

Kids and Money: Early Experience is Priceless

It’s good for young kids to have exposure to money, learning the  consequences that come with different financial decisions while the pain is relatively mild. 

Navigating Health Insurance in 2018 for Small Business Owners

Medical insurance continues to be challenging for small business owners; carriers are leaving the individual market in many states, forcing some of our clients to look at group insurance as an option.  While there are tax credits available for offices who qualify to help defray the cost, it is an additional staff cost and can be a compliance headache unless you have a knowledgeable agent.&

Equifax Security Breach

The recent Equifax security breach compromised names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, credit card numbers and driver’s license numbers. Our annual, gentle reminders to keep a watchful eye on credit reports have turned urgent. 

In Case of Emergency

The hurricane has me thinking about how to be prepared for emergencies.  I imagine families trying to contact each other, computers and file cabinets under water,  and businesses unable to function.  If you are somewhere that was not impacted by the hurricane, use it as a motivator to be prepared should a disaster hit closer to home. 

Budgeting for Wear and Tear

A client reminded me of some good budgeting advice this morning; I thought I’d pass his comments along.

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