How to Retire

We have helped lots of dentists get to and through retirement.  Are you ready?

We start by making sure you’re financially ready to retire. 

We’ll track personal expenses, then work with those numbers to be sure we know how much it will take to keep you going in the lifestyle you want in retirement.  Often travel increases, homes need remodeling, or there may be a second home on the horizon.

We’ll want the practice prepped and ready, books in order and profits up.

We’ll want to do tax planning, anticipating and positioning for the variables that can have a significant effect on the tax implications of a sale.  

In a perfect world, we like to have a couple of years to help you prepare, but we’ve also been brought in a few months before closing.  

We’ll walk through the process of selling your practice along with you. 

You may be using a turn-key broker, or simply needing an attorney for contracts if you found your own buyer.  

We’ll run numbers and advise throughout negotiations, helping you separate deal-breakers from deal-closers.  

We’ll help determine what to do with proceeds; how much to set aside for taxes, how much to keep in cash, how much to invest. 

We’ll help get your 401(k) funded with proceeds, then distributed and closed.  

We’ll help you transition to retirement.

Some clients continue to work after selling the practice.  This may be part of the purchase deal,  because of their love for dentistry, because it’s too hard to go cold-turkey, or because they enjoy the extra earnings. We’ll help with this new method of earnings. 

We’ll help establish your new retirement cash flow.  Which accounts to pull income from, how to handle taxes and irregular expenses.  When to take Social Security, how to handle medical insurance.  

We’ll also help with tax planning; in the years between retirement and age 72, when Required Minimum Distributions begin, there can be a significant opportunity for tax planning.  

We’d love to find out more about you, tell you about what we do, and see if we’re a fit. Please schedule an exploratory call today.