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Implications of Extended Parental Financial Support for Adult Children

Financial Therapy Association

March 5, 2021

COVID-19 Financial Update and Checkup

Kentucky Dental Association

October 9, 2020

2020 was a year of tremendous change. Looking at the list of top stressors, we all experienced quite a few, and PANDEMIC wasn’t even on the original list.

In this 2-hour workshop, Sharon walked attendees through a personal and practice financial check-up, specifically related to the changes we experienced in 2020 – both the positives and the challenges.

Sharon addressed changes in the dental practice, including cash flow, the implications of PPP, EIDL, HHS, FFCRA, dental practice valuations and the future of retirement, as well as the personal side, including changes in income and unemployment, taxes, investments, cash-on-hand, financial implications of kids at home, taxes and the non-COVID changes that are affecting your financial life (Secure Act of 2020).

An interactive session, a workbook was included, and attendees left knowing where they stood financially, with action steps for moving forward.

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Sharon Weaver is an experienced and polished speaker ready to work with you and your group either virtually or in person.

E-mail: info@missionfinancialplanning.com, and we'll send you Sharon's complete speakers packet.

"Sharon presents financial topics in an accessible way. Her presentations and solutions are easily understood through her use of real-life stories and unexpected, parallel examples."

Amy Bagnall- Consultant

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Fiscal Fitness: The Workout Plan to Shape Up Your Finances and Build Strength for Your Future

Health is the first Wealth. This statement is as true for our financial fitness as it is for physical well-being. We all want it, and most of us are willing to do what it takes to get there… starting tomorrow! Sharon Weaver shows you how to live a financially healthy life right now.

Using the language of physical fitness and optimal health, Sharon expands how you think about money and wealth. Tapping into what you already know, she cuts through worry and jargon to show how easy it is to be financially healthier by taking small steps to enjoy a happy, healthy financial life today.

Suggested Formats: 3-hour workshop or 1-hour presentation

Suggested Attendees: Dentists, spouses, and dental staff

Financial Planning on a Prescription Pad

Draft an effective financial plan on your prescription pad as Sharon Weaver guides you through personalized financial planning.

Uncover healthy responses to financial stress as you investigate how much you can spend, when you should save, and good debt management. With examples that educate and inspire, Sharon demystifies: investing, insurance, buying a home, taxes, and more.

Leave your session with a fiscal prescription tailored to your financial goals!

Suggested Formats: Fully customizable as a: 30-min breakout session, 1-hour presentation, or 3-hour workshop

Suggested Attendees: Dentists, spouses, and dental staff

Debt Management

Sharon Weaver will help you find out what debt to ditch and educate you on how strategic debt can help you grow!

Sharon's insight and experience can help you determine if yourcurrent loans are a problem and offer insights on how todig out of a financial hole on the way to fiscal growth.

Dive into your ideal loan structure and healthy debt management as you design your INTENTIONAL payment strategy.

Suggested Formats: 60 or 90 minute presentation

Suggested Attendees: Dental professionals

When Should You Stop Financially Supporting Your Adult Children?

Many parents support their children well into adulthood. Are you one of them? Join Sharon Weaver as she delves into the complexities of financial support for your boomerang children.

Discover different kinds of support as Sharon illuminates answers to difficult questions like: What kind of support helps your kids get ahead? What type of support can hold them back? And how to evaluate when support becomes detrimental--to either the parent or the child?

The answers may surprise you!

Suggested Formats: 1-hour presentation or 2-hour workshop

Suggested Attendees: Financially conscientious parents

Additional One-hour Workshops:

  • Managing Cash Flow In You Business
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your Personal Finances

“Sharon provides better insights about financial planning than anyone I know."

She’s an outstanding teacher who delivers aha moments without jargon or hype. She makes a group presentation feel like a personal consultation!”

Jack Mackey - Keynote Speaker

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  • In person workshops.
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About Sharon Weaver:

Sharon Weaver created MFP to provide fee-only financial planning. Her advice-only model allows for financially independent and objective guidance. She has a passion for helping dentists feel better about their personal and practice finances through education. Sharon comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, so as a business owner herself, it was natural for her to work with clients who owned their own practices, or had an interest in owning someday.

Sharon has been a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) for over 25 years. She believes that the best advice is unbiased and uninfluenced by commissions or management fees. This is why she created Mission Financial Planning 10 years ago as an advice-only, fee-for-service firm for dentists.

"Sharon’s impactful speaking skills and her grasp on both long- term and short-term personal financial and retirement planning issues, create immediate value for her audience. Sharon has the perfect balance of financial and life experience that offers credibility to a range of topics."

Ron Kuykendall - CPCC, ACC