A 4% Withdrawal Rate in This Market

A convenient truth of a 4% withdrawal rate in this market is that dividends and bond income will come pretty close to covering it. However, once you start withdrawing more than the income the portfolio can predictably produce,  you are relying on growth to fund your spending.

Conservation Easements as a Tax Shelter

The IRS ruled in January 2017 that they had classified syndicated conservation easement investments as “listed transactions” with commentary that the IRS believes these investments carry a strong potential for “abusive tax avoidance”.

The Retirement Spending Smile

When people speculate about what spending will look like in retirement, they usually come up with some version of the go-go,  slow-go and no-go phases.  They assume spending will stay the same or increase for several years while catching up on the fun missed while working (go-go), that they’ll slow down after that (slow-go), and at some point will reach “no-go”, wher

Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire for Dental Offices

I received an email from David Harris at Prosperident offering free access to their Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire for free through the end of August.  This is a quick (15 minutes or less) online questionnaire that allows you to analyze if a staff member's behavior is consistent with embezzlement.

Medical insurance and Planning for an Early Retirement

Clients who want to retire before they are eligible for Medicare (age 65) are often concerned about how they’ll handle health insurance costs.  Dental practice owners are probably used to paying this expense out of pocket already and have a better idea than most how much their coverage will cost, but the reality of paying the premium on their retirement income and realizing that

Q&A: I'm So Close To Retirement, Should I Cancel My Disability Insurance?

Clients, around the age of 60, start thinking about whether or not they should continue with their disability insurance.  There is a diminishing return on investment when you consider that a disability policy only pays to a certain age, usually 65.   While each year’s premium buys fewer years of benefits, it's also at a time when disability might be more likely.  

Sharon Weaver Quoted in Forbes Article "Should You Ask Prospective Financial Advisors About Their Finances?"

I was recently quoted in a Forbes article titled "Should You Ask Prospective Financial Advisors About Their Finances?"  The author asked whether I believed it was reasonable to expect some financial transparency from one’s

Increasing Security on our Client Dashboards

Many of our clients use the Mission Financial Planning Dashboard (click here to learn more about the Dashboard) to track spending and have the ability to look at their finances "at a glance", all in one location.  To maintain the security of the Dashboard, we recently added 2-Factor Authentication.

How Much Money Does it Take to be Happy?

There is ongoing academic research regarding how much money it takes to be happy, or at least satisfied, with one’s financial life.  While the numbers vary, at a certain point, studies show that increases in annual income no longer seem to bring greater happiness.

Withdrawal Strategies: Deciding Which Account to Withdraw From

There are a few factors that should go into answering the question “which account do I withdraw from?”.

As advisors, we’ll think about several factors: 

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