In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency

The hurricane has me thinking about how to be prepared for emergencies.  I imagine families trying to contact each other, computers and file cabinets under water,  and businesses unable to function.  If you are somewhere that was not impacted by the hurricane, use it as a motivator to be prepared should a disaster hit closer to home. 

Does your family have an agreed place to meet, person to call, or another way to communicate whether everyone is safe?  These events make it easier to discuss what you would do in an emergency;  take the opportunity to bring up this difficult topic and make a plan. 

FEMA has a number of useful resources about emergency preparedness, including several booklets for businesses.  If you are a business owner, what is your back-up plan?  Do you have Business Interruption Insurance?  I wrote an article on this when the tornado hit Joplin, Missouri.  Business Interruption Insurance is an important part of protecting your business. 

Do you know what you would put in your “go” bag?  Customize this list for your family and the likely emergency scenarios.  Learn from people who have been through similar scenarios – preparation for an earthquake would have different requirements than a fire or flood, for example. 

Keep copies of insurance and other important paperwork in a separate location; saving copies electronically would assure a dry copy.  Our clients have access to an electronic “vault” on their financial dashboard;  this would be a good place to upload a video of your home, list of household contents, and copies of insurance policies and other important documents that would be difficult to access if your home was destroyed or inaccessible. Here's a sample list of the types of documents clients upload to the vault.  Let us know if we can help in this process.  

My heart goes out to those affected by this storm, the planner in me hopes to protect and prepare our clients should anything like this come their way.  



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