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While dentists can certainly benefit from generalized financial planning, there are compelling reasons for dentists to use a financial consultant dedicated to dentists.  Mission Financial Planning understands the complexities of running a dental practice as well as the personal financial planning needs of higher earners.

 Mission Financial Planning Recommends Specialized Financial Planning for Dentists




Mission Financial Planning is a contributor to Paladin, an advisor registry. Their site also provides investing and retirement information, as well as an Investor Watchdog blog.

Read What is Asset Allocation and Is is Free Financial Advice or a Sales Pitch on their website.  


Mission Financial Planning has created a list of 14 questions to ask when looking for an estate planning attorney. Using the list is a great way to keep attorney interviews consistent enough to fairly compare, and get to know, your candidates.


14 Question to Ask When Looking For an Estate Planning Attorney



MFP_thumb.jpgThis infographic illustrates how Mission Financial Planning works in conjunction with your accountant, attorney and other professional service providers.  Our job is to ensure that everyone is effectively working together toward the achievement of your professional and personal financial goals.  If needed, we can recommend competitive, capable and proven specialists that other clients have enjoyed working with in the past.





Mission Financial Planning has created a list of 12 questions small business owners should ask when shopping for a new CPA. Use these questions as conversation starters and get a good feel for whether the Financial Consultant for Dentists you are considering is a good fit for your practice.

List of 12 Questions Small Business Owners Should Ask When Shopping for a New CPA




Mission Financial Planning helps clients develop a multi-pronged college funding strategy, approaching college as a financial decision, exploring a “want” vs. “need” analysis of the expected costs, affordability and the possible benefits.

 Mission Financial Planning Offers Strategies for Keeping College Affordable


Evaluating debt is a highly important but often neglected component of financial planning for small businesses. As your Financial Consultant for Dentists, Mission Financial Planning, Inc., evaluates debt and creates intentional debt strategies for dentists and their practices, helping them determine appropriate levels of credit, the types or quality of debt deemed acceptable, and how payments will be handled once debt is assumed..

Financial Advisor Provides Debt Strategies to Dentists


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